Transistor Catalog

Having a difficult time finding the right transistor? Whether you are looking for a common transistor type used in today's electronic componants or one that is hard to find or obsolete, there is one source that can help supply all your transistor needs.

A look at finding transistors

Online Catalog

The online transistor catalog from Express Technology Group lists thousands of transistor types from dozens of transistor manufacturers and are available for purchase. If your part is not listed, you can call them and they will be happy to run a search on the availability of your transistor type.

hard-to-find transistors

Hard-to-find or obsolete transistors that have not been in use for years or decades may still be available. Just supply as much information about the transistor specifications, original manufacturer, applications it was used in, or other useful information to help locate the exact replacement part.

Industry knowledge

Express Technology Group has over 15 years of electronic industry knowledge with a team that is dedicated to fulfilling client expectations with the highest quality of customer service. They provide parts to a variety of industries such as defense, medical, automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers.

feel free to get more information

Contact Express Technology Group today for wholesale transistors and other electronic parts. A sales associate will be happy to assist you in finding the correct transistor for all your electronic componants. You can also visit their website for useful electronic parts information and online catalogs.